Updating firmware on macbookpro

And your Mac has access to the same Lion Recovery features online For Macs that can’t use Internet Recovery, the Lion Recovery Disk tool helps to make a bootable USB device that can offer the same features, although if you want to have the most versatile troubleshooting toolkit, having a fully bootable OS X Lion install drive is ideal.

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You can also make video calls to i Pad, i Phone, i Pod touch, and other Mac computers. The Multi-Touch trackpad is the most natural way to interact with whats on your screen, and the smooth glass surface gives you plenty of room for gestures. An energy-efficient processor architecture with an integrated video encoder, along with automatic graphics switching in the 15-inch model, helps improve battery life. And the latest three-stream 802.11n wireless technology gives you the best possible performance at the greatest range.

The 15-inch Mac Book Pro features 2.3GHz and 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processors with 6MB of shared L3 cache and Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.6GHz. Choose the 2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 with 8MB of cache and Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.7GHz.

And go for the 512GB third-generation SATA solid-state drive, which is up to 4x faster than a traditional hard drive. The 13-inch model also speeds things up with either the 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 or the 2.9GHz Intel Core i7 the fastest mobile dual-core processor available.

Thunderbolt technology allows you to connect the high-performance peripherals that make it possible. Get more of your friends in on the fun with crisp, widescreen HD video.

Ultrafast and ultraflexible, the Thunderbolt pipeline is up to 12 times faster than Fire Wire 800 and offers unprecedented expansion capabilities. The picture is so clear, it will look and feel almost like youre in the same room.


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