The dating dahling

All adjectives dished up by the countless interviewers who have passed an hour with Martin Clunes over the course of his 27-year career. Not a word I, for one, had ever associated with the jug-eared, plasticine-faced actor.The women he has loved –the ex-wife from whom he split acrimoniously in 1997 and his current missus – those who inspired him – largely his grandmother – and the women he has worked with, namely his former Men Behaving Badly co-stars Caroline Quentin and Leslie Ash. Dressed in a pale blue, checked shirt and jeans, his face and forearms brown from hours spent outdoors at his farm in Dorset, Clunes is winning over every woman present, from the photographer to the waitress bringing him endless cups of tea. Yet the evidence is sitting in front of me, tall, tanned and holding court with half a dozen women in a London club.Alright boys, She is engaged to the same man that she has been with for over two years. Yes she is a gorgeous girl but she does not deserve to be on here with yall talking about hitting it or not.She use to be wild but she has grown up a lot and is a better person. Gordon Brown and David Cameron are gunning for the middle classes and you are in their crosshairs. Hand over those National Trust membership cards and no-one will get hurt.

These guys may think that the ladies are only in it for the cold hard cash, but they swear up and down that they’re just looking for a nice woman they can spend all of eternity with.

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Turns out everything we think we know about dating is wrong. Here’s how this all started: Every week I get several dozen emails from both guys and women asking for advice for dating but lately, I’ve started to feel like I’m living that movie .

You know the movie where Bill Murray has to live out the same day over and over and over again?


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