Non drinker dating

You both just arrived, and you're both pulsating, clearly, with nerves and excitement.

while your date orders a ginger ale, plain and simple."I'm not in AA," he says.If you're the drinker with a non-drinker, do you feel nervous about the possibility that you might start to get tipsy and seem kind of dopey in front of a sober guy?If you're the one who's alcohol-free, is it hard for you to relax without a cocktail?But in the sober light of day, beer breath is as about as sexy as excessive Old Spice, i.e. DRUNK-DIALS ARE NOT CUTEIf a guy I'm dating calls me late at night, I'm probably going to answer.Maybe something bad happened and he needs help OR (and most likely) he's just drunk-dialing to tell me the stupidest story ever about running into "his boys" at the Taco Bell late-night drive-through lane. "THAT ONE TIME, I GOT WASTED AND…." STORIESListening to someone become less interesting as they down gin and tonics is one thing. "I just think it'd make you more relatable if you drank," he ended.


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