Myspace impact on dating world

Since selling his share in the social network to News Corp for a cool £372m and retiring back in 2009, Tom Anderson has dedicated his time to travelling the world and becoming a talented photographer.

Keeping himself busy, Anderson has created an Instagram account under the handle @myspacetom where he shares some of his favourite snaps.

They are also a place where romantic partners can go to display their relationships to their peers.

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That means you can't watch classic moments, such as Lloyd Bentsen telling Dan Quayle, "You're no Jack Kennedy" in the 1988 vice presidential debate (You Tube has a clip here), or Al Gore sighing his way through the first presidential debate with George W. But today the debate commission announced a bold step into the Web 2.0 world.He said teenagers who socialise online put less value on their "real world" selves which puts them at risk of impulsive and even suicidal behaviour.They may be less able to form relationships as they do not learn the physical clues involved with communication including body language, tone of voice and facial expressions.So instead of offering video in its debate archive, the commission refers people to the C-SPAN store to buy past debates on tape or DVD.But with Web technology becoming more refined, the commission believed this was the year to offer new tools.I believe they do because people can be themselves without having to worry about being judged harshly because of their looks,ethnic background,a disability or the way they dress.


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