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Yamaha first began making musical instruments in Japan in 1887.The company began as a manufacturer of reed organs but eventually became the world's largest manufacturer of musical instruments. These guitars originally were produced solely in Japan, but over the following 70 years, Yamaha guitars have been made in Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia.There is some overlap between formats and in those cases multiple results will be generated.If you encounter any inaccuracies please email the web master Yamaha serial numbers are recycled every ten years, 29 formats are supported here based on research available on the yamaha website.I just wanted to clarify one point: since you say you can't find the model number written anywhere, maybe it would be helpful if we could try to reach a consensus on what it says.To me it looks like "GX-3000" but I could maybe see a "GV" or "2000" in there, so I'd be curious to know if other people are seeing something I'm not.Yamaha’s serial number system is one of the more complicated ones I have come across – so it’s a little bit involved.

I'm doing some research on Espana guitars from the early-mid 1960's for the Joni Mitchell website. No physical problems because I took good care of it over the years. On the particular classic acoustic i have acquired there is a sticker. I wondered if this is normal or makes the guitar more special in some way.

The only GX guitar I know of from Yamaha is the GX-1 which is a headless electric model and therefore not what you have.

I'm not aware of any othe I think the model is "FX 3000".

I'm pretty certain that Joni's first guitar was an Espana (purchased in Calgary at Eaton's (perhaps? It was the very first to arrive at B&J as a sample. It was a friend of mine's grandpa and he doesn't play guitar so he gave it to me.

) around the 1963-1964 time period), but sure would like some of your expert opinions. Anyone interested, I'd be happy to email you the photo for your opinion. [email protected] Finland Español guitars were distributed by Bugelisen And Jacobson in New York. It has a huge crack in the main body, but i stil love the guitar. I think the crack is going to give it a little extra character :) Anyways, if you could give me any information on what I actually have here I would love to hear it.


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